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We help our partners meet demand by staying ahead of their needs, and de-risking the critical development and infrastructure challenges that are unique to hyperscale data center builds. To do this effectively, we leverage our expertise in site acquisition and entitlement, energy and water infrastructure delivery, sustainable engineering and construction, and economic and community development.

Strategic Site Selection & De-Risked Development Timelines

We offer a portfolio of build ready sites with the power, water and fiber infrastructure required to support rapid delivery and scalability.

Powered Shell & Build-to-Suit Leasing

We furnish the critical infrastructure and services tailored to support your operations. Each facility is custom designed and configured to precisely match your requirements, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency.

Sustainable Engineering & Construction

Our sustainable engineering and construction practices focus on environmentally conscious design, development, and operation of our data center facilities to minimize ecological impact and enhance resource efficiency. This approach ​integrates innovative technologies and practices that promote energy efficiency, renewable energy utilization, water conservation, waste reduction, community well-being and overall sustainability throughout the data center’s lifecycle.

Strategic Energy Infrastructure & Renewable Energy Access

We work with our partners to ensure access to sufficient renewable energy to support 100% of their data center operations on our sites. Our integration of renewable energy solutions reduces the carbon footprint of our partner’s data center operations and helps them meet their 100% renewable energy goals.

Critical Campus Infrastructure & Planning

Our strategic campus infrastructure and planning is designed to minimize operational risk and ensure efficient long-term operations at our sites. Our teams have deep experience in site and infrastructure diligence and assessment, and we use this expertise to ensure all potential site risks are uncovered and mitigated so our partners have full confidence in their choice to work with us. Among other things, we are meticulous in our design of water supply, wastewater treatment, and land use and environmental approvals.

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Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners has launched a cloud-based carbon accounting package designed to give large energy customers real-time figures on their carbon impact.

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