Bauxite Data Center Receives Site Development Plan Approval

Bauxite Data Center in Frederick, Maryland Receives Site Development Plan Approval

Construction planning for the Frederick Data Center moves forward as new study highlights community benefits.

Rowan Digital Infrastructure received approval this week to move forward with plans for a hyperscale data center development at the Quantum Loophole campus in Frederick County.

The Frederick Data Center is estimated to generate about $7 million in annual county tax revenue and provide 100 full time jobs. This is according to a new economic impact study commissioned by the Maryland Tech Council.

The Frederick Data Center generated tax revenue will come from real property tax, and from income taxes. The data center will also generate an estimated $14 million of state tax revenue.

The project received approval from the Frederick County Planning Commission on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. The planned development is a 777,151- square-feet hyperscale data center facility located on the Quantum Loophole campus north of Adamstown, Maryland.

Once the data center is operational, the economic impact study estimates the facility will support about 280 jobs in Frederick County in other sectors, including restaurants, consulting services, real estate firms and computer system design firms. The data center will also support about 100 secondary jobs for the remainder of the state.

Construction is slated to start during the first half of 2024 and last about two years. “We are poised to deliver the initial 231 MW by late 2025”, states Dan McNary, Chief Data Center Officer for Rowan, “providing a high value alternative to the congested Ashburn corridor”.

During its two-year construction phase, the project will create about 800 construction jobs, as well as about 1,350 secondary jobs in Frederick County.

The construction phase will also generate about $2.6 million in county tax revenue, all from income tax, and about $20 million in state tax revenue, according to the study.

Xiomara Gerlach, Senior Director for Rowan, believes the project represents a “very substantial investment” in the county’s future.

“This economic impact report shows just how substantial it will be, and our company is eager to continue our collaboration with the community to ensure these benefits are felt throughout the region,” Gerlach said in a statement.

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